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Commented on DeadParrot222's wall

Bitch, why haven’t you been responding to my personal messages? I don’t write the damn things for my health.

Jun 18, 2013 at 02:49PM EDT

Commented on Sonata Dusk's wall

I went out again at 1:45 to see if it was still there and sure enough, still flashing colors like a goddamned sparkler. I sketched it against what other stars I could make out and its rough position in respects to south and the Equator.

I looked for a similar configuration as those coordinates in Starry Night and I think that would be Antares?

Jun 18, 2013 at 03:08AM EDT

Commented on Sonata Dusk's wall

Oh, there’s also a lot of light pollution where I’m at, so it had to have been really bright for me to see it.

Jun 17, 2013 at 11:03PM EDT

Commented on Sonata Dusk's wall

Hey man, can you help me out? I was walking home tonight and I saw a star that was going nuts flashing red and yellow and I really want to know what the fuck it was. It didn’t move or anything, so I know it wasn’t a plane or something.

I saw it down and to the left of where the moon was at 9:40 p.m. as viewed from Illinois, Id say about 30 degrees from the horizon. Any idea what it was?

Jun 17, 2013 at 11:01PM EDT

Commented on Sonata Dusk's wall

Been doing some reading in astronomy and I’m just nerdgasming about. Learned the historical reason why Newton was such hot fucking shit. Learned that the gas giants are basically just earths with bigass afros from all the gas that hadnt been scared away by the heat of the forming sun. Goddamn this shit is neat.


Jun 17, 2013 at 10:57AM EDT

Commented on Crimson Locks' wall

Happy KYM birthday Crimson! You make thoughtful comments, which is more than I can say for like 75% of users.

Jun 14, 2013 at 03:14PM EDT

Commented on Brownmane the Knight's wall

Of course humans are anthropomocentric; they’re humans! In man I perceive both the highest good and the most depraved evil not because the universe has somehow deigned him special or important, but because as a human, the qualities and concerns of humans have most relevance to me. I don’t view the universe in human terms out of hubris or egoism, but because I have to, it’s simply the way which I am programmed to perceive the world.

Honestly man, I think you’re kind of silly. You too are stuck in the human world, and to remove this ‘taint’ on the lens of reality, you would have to destroy the lens. Do you wish to stop seeing humanity in the world? Then gouge out your eyes. Do you wish to stop hearing the human voice in the world? Then chop off your human ears.

To be angry at people for being anthropomocentric is to be angry at them for being. To suggest they do otherwise is to suggest suicide.

Jun 14, 2013 at 09:15AM EDT

Commented on Sonata Dusk's wall

Well luckily it’s just a survey course and we don’t have to do any equations or anything like that. Still, you have to be able to at least envision a lot of basic concepts with which I’m just criminally unfamiliar.

Like I remember the one thing that kept throwing me for a loop was the explanation for the phases of the moon being based on where it is relative to the earth and sun. I understood what the professor was saying just fine, but there was this kink that I just couldn’t get past, I.E. that this theory required that the moon would sometimes rise with the sun. For some reason, I couldn’t get past this primordial sense of moon=night. I mean yeah, sure I’ve occasionally seen the crescent moon during the day, but I guess I figured that was a reflection or something. The…the moon cant rise with the sun, can it?

Just stuff like that. There’s knowing that we live in a heliocentric solar system because someone told you we do and then there’s actually being able to conceptualize all the ideas and shit that go into that theory. But don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this class more than any of my others. I like being challenged to think in new directions.

Jun 13, 2013 at 12:10AM EDT

Commented on Sonata Dusk's wall

I’m taking an astronomy course right now just as a way to knock out a gen ed, and I gotta admit man, I actually have to do some work to keep on top of this one. Coming to terms with all the shifting geometry of these damned moving bodies was actually fairly challenging learning curve for me.

Jun 12, 2013 at 09:37PM EDT

Commented on Blue Screen (of Death)'s wall

Hey BSoD, listen to what I can do

So, are you ready to convert yet? Are my hands as good as your damned machines?!?

Actually, I need to make a request of you. I’m working on a project with Exudes right now that requires that I, ech, write dubstep. Would you please send me a couple paradigm examples of the genre and explain the definitive traits of dubstep so that I can have some idea of the sound I’m trying to mimic?

Jun 12, 2013 at 08:23AM EDT

Commented on Piano's wall

I love you so much you sexy bitch.

Jun 11, 2013 at 02:50PM EDT

Commented on DeadParrot222's wall

Yeah, I know that feel. I’ve got one friend who thinks I’m this incredibly dour individual because I just can’t get his sense of humor (This is my gunshooting, weed smoking friend. POWER COMBO!) I never laugh at his jokes or his dumbass movies and having to sit through them and pretend they’re funny is just painful to me.

Still, even I liked Napoleon Dynamite.

Jun 11, 2013 at 12:16PM EDT

Commented on DeadParrot222's wall

Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like Kip from Napolean dynamite?

I find that kind of insulting honestly. I mean, you look like someone who would be into math and ponies. Way to be original. If I saw you walking down the street, I’d be like “Oh look at this guy, everything about him screams the nerd stereotype so much so that he can’t be a real nerd. This is some disguise, he must be like a CIA agent or something.” But nope, I’d be disappointed.

You should be more like me man. Between my camo-baseball cap, wifebeater T-shirts, and perpetual 5 o’clock shadow, people expect me to be the kind of person to spend his days off drinking beer and tying homosexuals to the back of my pickup truck.

I guess what I’m trying to say is you shoud ditch the glasses and get a baseball cap. That or you should take up an unexpected hobby like tying homosexuals to the back of your pickup truck. Just mix it up a little for God’s sake!

Jun 10, 2013 at 11:52PM EDT

Commented on ExudesAffluence's wall

Oh God, the cello in your avatar! Look at the poor old instrument, braced against that Stygian abyss which lies betwixt that whore’s legs.

I hate to say this, but the cello must be burned. Anyone who touches it now is at serious risk of contracting the ancient Egyptian syphilis described in the novel Daring Do and the Shrivelled Mummy Cock

Jun 06, 2013 at 06:36PM EDT

Commented on Verbose's wall

Hey man, just dropping in to say hi and see how you’re doing. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with our conversations, I’ve just been really busy. I’ll try to get around to responding to you soon. I hope that masters is everything it was worked up to be and all is going well for you.

Jun 04, 2013 at 09:26PM EDT

Commented on Sonata Dusk's wall

Holy shit dude, did you see the new Game of Thrones?

I thought people were just being overdramatic when I read about them complaining about the red wedding, but that shit was straight up traumatizing.

Jun 03, 2013 at 11:14PM EDT

Commented on Grumpy Cat

Dear Mainstream media,

You don’t know how to internet, please stop trying.

love, hate, love/hate,
The internet

Jun 02, 2013 at 03:25PM EDT

Commented on ExudesAffluence's wall

Dress and perfume that dirty whore all you want, you’re still never going to get rid of the crabs in her cooch or the sand up her butt.

May 30, 2013 at 01:36AM EDT

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