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I was born in the urban region of western Philadelphia, where I passed my idle time occupying myself with the sport of basketball at the park’s court. I would relax after school. One day, however, a few rather rough fellows entered the neighborhood, stewing drama. I was placed into a mild skirmish, which frightened my mother. Against my will, no matter how hard I pleaded, I was to be deported to Bel-Air at her command.

The trip on the airplane, however, was very pleasant, as I was inside the first class compartment, where I drank citrus juice from the orange in a shampagne glass.

Upon arriving at the airport, a rather official looking gentleman held a board with my name on it. Wishing not to be imprisoned on my first day of living in this new city, I avoided the man and called a cab. The vehicle was rather sketchy, as it had stuffed dice on the rear-view mirror, and the license plate was labeled “Fresh”. I was not bothered, though, and asked to be whisked away to my new house in Bel-Air.

Upon arriving, I thanked the driver and removed my baggage from his car. Walking to my new adobe, I was prepared to become the royal monarch of the town of Bel-Air.


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