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Hi guys, I’m somewhat new to KYM, but I have known Reddit and 4chan for a while now. I’m on steam. Username is Floatingmarmot.Feel absolutely free to add me.
I play LAX (lacrosse).
Born a warm-blooded Floridian.

About me:
I won’t say much here mainly for my safety.
1. I play Team Fortress 2 a lot. In fact, I’m even on a competitive team.
2. Also a fellow Minecrafter.
2. Hopefully Portal Guns will be created within my generation.
3. Favorite TF2 class is Spy. What’s yours?
4. Cheezburger lurker
5. Swiss, meaning I’m NOT a Brony, but I don’t hate them.
6. I love blowing stuff up in my driveway and just science in general. (KNO3 smoke bombs are my favorite.)
7. I like talking with you all.

Oh, and please don’t take #6 the wrong way.

It’s a trap!

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