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About Me

Hey. I’m Foxy The Pirate Fox. I’m 16 and I live in Caloundra, QLD. I like animation, and Five Nights at Freddy’s.

I post videos about Five Nights at Freddy’s over at youtube.


Are you a girl/boy?

I’m a guy.

How tall are you?

6 foot 2. (i dont know why I get this asked as much as I do)

Are you a furry?

Kind of, yes.

Are you a brony?

Nope. Not that I have something against ’em. I just never have been one, and never will be.

When’s your birthday?

August 29th.

What country are you from?


Favourite Color?


Are you single?

Yea matey. Stop asking :P

What’s all this stuff I hear about getting off to furry porn?

Thats just some rumor someone’s spreading. I don’t know who though.

What’s it like being a famous youtuber?

It’s good. You get to meet a lot of people

Why do you have so many subscribers?

cause everyone loves Foxy if you know what I mean ;3

I’m always happy to talk to people. Add me on Steam if you want.

Rad Users

Particle Mare is really nice and always good to talk to. She hangs on the IRC a lot.

Sato MLG is pretty sweet. He loves MLG Montage Parodies.

Furfagging Intensifies is a FNAF fan also. He loves Toy Bonnie :P

Butterfudge is someone else I talk to on the IRC

Liquid Lime is real cool. He loves GMOD and FNAF

ForBlueSkies is actually really awesome.

Pollux with his love for Dewott

twisty is someone else from the IRC who’s pretty cool

Lord Starscream has helped me out with KYM stuff.

Pirate Cove Foxy. He’s awesome, and lovely to talk to

Bonnie-Swag. is pretty funny

SAKAMOTO sets the speed to 9

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