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I hate you. I hate EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

Nawh, just messing with you.

I love ponies, especially the ones in ponyville!
I enjoy playing any Call of Duty game, I suck. But I’ll wreck you up. Then I’ll say YOU GOT OWNED BY A NOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBBBB! That humiliates people to the point of rage quitting. And that is satisfying.
I troll Xbox Live all the time, but my rep score stays above 80% and climbs frequently trololololo there must be advantages to being a girl, cause I’m sure if I was a guy I would not get away with it. Then again no one knows I’m a girl because they’re too stupid to distinguish 19 year old female ≠ 9 year old boy.
That’s how I know most males on xbox live have never interacted with a female past the ones that reside in their homes.

K now you know about me, happy? K good then karma me up bizzatch!! Oh and while you’re at it, why not message me your xbox live gamertag so I can wreck you up too?


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