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I’m far from being a troll. If you doubt me, please look at my other submissions.

What DOES amuse me is the hyperbolic reaction to something I posted as a 5-minute-work-break goof. My youngest son coerced me to watch a shit-ton of Kim Possible in his youth, so I thought this was mildly amusing and I posted it on a lark.

Millenials, fucking get over yourselves. If Boomers and Gen-X hadn’t existed, your entitlement-seeking asses wouldn’t have the Internet or smartphones/tablets. All your generation is notorious for is being unemployed and social-media bitching. Digestive fiber adds bulk to a poo, but it has very-little nutritional value. Millenials are, so far, digestive fiber to the economy.

Believe it or not, corporations DO have a hiring bias towards Millenials because they can now hire PhDs for what they used to pay a GED to wring out the CEO’s daily cum-sock.

I not only wrote part of what you think as “OS gravity” in computer terms, but also harbor children who use what I wrote. I don’t talk about that with them, largely because it bores the fuck out of them.

Thumb-down my anonymous individuality? IDGAF. Thumb-down my company? Easy, I just hire someone/something to crowdsource-for-profit to boost our image. Look, I have a sense of humor. I occasionally post here for fun. If you don’t like it, you get what you pay for it. :|

Apr 30, 2014 at 10:39AM EDT

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Thanks for all the comments and likes. I have a myalgic disorder that occasionally requires me to use a cane. Being far-younger than your average cane user, I felt odd using one with my attire, at that time. So I began dressing up to feel better about being youngish with a cane. :)

Thankfully, I rarely use my cane anymore, but I still wear the hats when I dress appropriately for them. Nothing looks worse than Bermuda shorts, a “Jersey Shore” shirt, and a f***ing “nice” hat. Straw hats are for summer and/or hot climates. Wool hats are in-season in all seasons other than summer. Wool hats look so much classier, IMO, so I wear them as long as possible into the summer season.

I own two wool bowler hats (one black, one brown), one black wool homburg, and a straw trilby. I’ve customized the bowler hats with custom hatbands, with the black bearing a jacquard ribbon hatband, a hand-tinted feather, and a question-mark brooch from the 1920s; I have a silver concho hatband on the featherless brown bowler. I enjoy wearing them when I’m wearing a proper collared-shirt and dressier shoes. In the summer, as long as I’m wearing a collard-shirt with whatever, I wear a straw trilby that suits these hot and humid Missouri summers.

My next hat acquisition? A black coachman hat. Nobody wears a stovepipe unless they’re Lincoln impersonators or a steampunk devotee begging for attention. ;)

Apr 29, 2014 at 06:40PM EDT

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