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Here’s the side note: This is NOT the real Gabe Newell. I’m just a random user displaying as his trollface version with different editing as seen on my avatar. The contact info are not real too. Feel free to insert Gabe Newell jokes on my wall. Actual insults, drama, harassment, and rude disrespectful behavior is unacceptable and will be ignored or deleted. Continuing to push it worse will be reported to a mod. Thanks, and have fun.

I’m actually a nice person and I enjoy browsing images and video, sometimes ponies too (Derpy is best background pony and the Not So Great Trixie is a bitch in a hundred different languages and I hope Twilight Sparkle kicks Trixie in the vagina hard). I am also noticed as having one of the best galleries here at Know Your Meme. You may never know what rare treasure I can find and upload, even if it’s the ones that makes your eyes scream for mercy.

01/20/2014 – I am officially awarded at the Know Your Meme Thanks Awards 2013 and became one of the very first Protip Advisors of Know Your Meme (along with Harshwhinny, but sadly deactivated). Thank you. Don’t worry, it won’t go through my head.

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RandomMan – I’ve learn a lot from him when I was a brand new member lurking around. And I’ll still continue to do so. He’s always there to get my mind straight whenever I ended up in a wrong path or making terrible mistakes. RandomMan is not only like a teacher to me, but a friend as well.

CrowTheMagician – We both have the same good taste in scary Nightmare Fuel artworks. I have to admit that he has the better taste. Keep up the good work fueling those nightmares, Crow.

Kung Fu Cthulhu – A very good friend of mine when we first met. We would always find the best images to put in entries. Sometimes he beats me with the best ones, and sometimes I’m the quicker one, like a race to the best. My high respects to him and his contributes.

MScratch – Another good friend of mine when we first met. He would submit entries I have interest in, and I would always be there to contribute with images and videos. Like helping out a friend. Now that the years has passed, he’s officially a mod. Hope he keeps up the good work.

Ms Fortune – She’s like the CattyN of Know Your Meme. We have the same interest in the same fetish artists from deviantART and Tumblr. Some like Axel-Rosered’s artworks is like a jewel and we would always race to post them in Body Inflation as it is part of the Internet Paraphilia series. It may blind a lot of random users while screaming for God’s name, but we sure do feel like successful trolls.

Catch me on Twitter too. Currently blocked by Zoe Quinn and NeoGAF for asking controversial questions.

Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell

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