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Location: The Snack Bar @ Valve Headquarters

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Brand New Member spammers, middle schooler boys spammmers, and Barney Bunch spammers beware! I am Gaben The Troll, Protip Advisor of Know Your Meme. If I catch you spamming new accounts to spam mostly made-up memes in short poorly and lazy written entries, I will fire the guidelines all over you!

Side Note: This is NOT the real Gabe Newell. I’m just a random user displaying as his trollface version with different editing as seen on my avatar. The contact info are not real too. Feel free to insert Gabe Newell jokes on my wall. Actual insults, drama, harassment, and rude manchildish behavior will be reported to the mods. Thanks, and have fun.

I’m actually a nice person and I enjoy browsing images and video, sometimes ponies too (Derpy is best background pony and the Not So Great Trixie is a bitch in a hundred different languages). I also have one of the best galleries here at Know Your Meme. You may never know what rare treasure I can find and upload. Catch me on Twitter too.

01/20/2014 – I am officially awarded at the Know Your Meme Thanks Awards 2013 and became one of the very first Protip Advisors of Know Your Meme. Thank you everyone for your support and friendship. You rock! Totally worth the weight!

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Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell

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