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hello gentlementlemen and women! i am Gallade2089 and i’ll be your host for this page! i’m an all around nice guy who keeps trying to make the internet a peaceful place…and you can see how far i’ve gotten…anyway if you need a friend just say so! oh and whatever you do, DO. NOT. LEAVE. KYM! its a dangerous place out there, you should stay in the nicer part of the internet…oh! and i try to stay as kid-friendly as possible…but theres times where i just explode…and i may or may not be a pyromaniac on the inside…and whatever you do, dont call the kilt a skirt or there will be a close combat with your name on it…

(casual battle them[since some of the KYM pokemon team has em’])

(boss battle!)

(ok now you’ve p*ssed me off!)

(if i was[somehow] a final boss)

“huh? oh you want to know more about me? well i’m a Gallade that used to live in Kanto before i decided to travel the world, and when i found this place i decided to stay! i may not be the fastest or the strongest of the group but as long as i have my friends i’ll be alright! i found this abandoned house in the forest a few months ago and i decided to fix it up and live in it! i’m slightly good at playing the guitar, but i dont think i’ll be famous anytime soon! thats about all i got…oh! and i’m in a relationship with Lilly!”

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