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My fandoms -

Star Wars – Never has any other movie provoked so much emotion, imagination, and pure amazement as Star Wars has. It is more than a story, it is a tale that brought wonder, mystification, and thought. Vader and Luke, father and son, good and evil, light and dark. Raw power, emotion, and sheer force and willpower. The movies brought you to worlds you’ve never imagined, to a universe and Empire that stretched the galaxy endlessly. You became intertwined with the heroes of the Rebellion, to stop the menace of the Empire. You became a student of the force. You became something that you never would have been able to be.

Adventure Time – Simplistic yet beautiful art and characters. It’s a world thousands of years in the future, humanity has been destroyed, magic over technology, and Finn is the sole human left. It’s a story of darkness, justice, and exploring. The more you watch, the more powerful it becomes.

Anime – Something I absolutely love. I only watch Slice of Lifes and Dramas, those are the ones with the most simple yet emotional stories. Characters you connect to, care about, and relate to, they feel real and believable. The visuals and music are some of the most impressive things I have viewed in anime.


Not much to it, don’t take this site too seriously, and have a few laughs with your friends. If you can’t, I’m afraid this isn’t your place.


No one plays Fallen Sword anymore.

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