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I’m Jeb, John in real life donchaknow. I’m very young when it comes to maturity, but I’ll TRY, I repeat, try to remember what my elders taught me (and by elders, I speak of both my family members, my friends, and my online compadres). If anyone here is willing to give me tips or help due to newness, be my guest.

Eh, for personal info, I guess I’ll say that I’m:
17, Senior in High School.
Tall, but still a bit plucky.
Poor eyesight.
Likes most things that come into my life.
Autistic. Perfect troll food right ere. (SOUPS ON EVERYTROLL!)
Dislikes overall, reasonless hatred. Even trolls often have a reason to hate.
I long to become active on this site. Maybe. I’ll see how it is while I’m here. Ponies.

“…Evil is just a word. Under the skin, it’s simple pain.”
-- Eleanor Lamb


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