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Rank: 4-Star General
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The son of an Iowa crop duster, General Malcolm Granger’s flying career began at the age of 12, when he borrowed his father’s biplane to go to the state fair in Kansas City. As a lieutenant in the First Iraq War, Granger earned his first notices for knocking out four SAMs in a single afternoon. As he moved up the Air Force ranks, Granger earned a reputation for advancing the role of fighting aircraft in the U.S. military.

Even-tempered yet uncompromising, Granger has developed novel techniques in fuel management and resource deployment during air superiority operations. Those techniques have been used with success in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other theaters. His squadrons are known for precision execution and a strong will to complete the mission.

Granger created a new generation of air superiority fighters based on the F-22 raptor. Despite the raptor ability to excel at dogfights while also being capable of attacking ground targets, the GLA tactics of massing old but cheap anti-air weapons demonstrated the raptor vulnerabilities, often causing the airplane be victim of quad-cannons, and the surviving pilots were captured or killed. Because of this, Granger started to create an overhaul of the F-22 platform. Modifications on the engine allowed the reinforcement of the aircraft frame, while preserving the aerodynamic capabilities, also allowed the installation of a point-defense laser system and a increase of the missile payload.


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