General Delphox


Location: ISD Concourse

Joined Oct 11, 2013 at 08:46AM EDT



Karma Received
+392 +499 (82%) -107 (18%)
Karma Given
+279 +290 (96%) -11 (4%)

My name is General Ignia Delphox. I serve the Galactic Empire as a TIE Fighter Pilot. I usually don’t have a lot of time having fun, but if I do, then i’ll be sitting on my bunk and playing video games or surfing the Holonet.

Name: Ignia Delphox
Rank: General
Race: Delphox
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Planet KYM1657

Name: Ignia Delphox
Rank: Fourth Circle
Midi-Chlorian Count: 8000 per cell
Known Force Powers: Precognition, Telekinesis, Force Valor, Mind Manipulation, Force Empathy, Force Lightning

Laser hits: 5435 of 10324(52%)
Warhead hits: 314 of 360 (87%)
Total kills: 384
Total captures: 27
Craft lost: 3


Medal of Redemption

Medal of Unity

Medal of Progress

Medal of Loyalty

Medal of Destiny

Emperor’s Will

Medal of Dignity

Delphox Lv. 50 [Ability: Force Precognition(25% Evasion)]
>Mystical Fire
>Dream Eater
>Sith Lighning([Type: Dark+Electric|Power: 125|Accuracy: 100%|PP: 5] Attacks Enemies with Force Lightning imbued with dark powers. 25% Chance of Paralysis. 25% Chance to Increase Special Attack)
Held Items: DH-17 Blaster Pistol

I mostly hang out on the forums, played vidyas till dusk’s ass and other heretical crap

Name:Rizna Dmitri
Rank: Sergeant
Age: ???
Species: Delphox
Gender: Female
Bio: Rizna is a war veteran from the Orre/Arstotzkan war. She’s a great marksman and usually waits for the opportunity to hunt her enemies

Name: Karla
Age: ??
Species: Sylveon
Gender: Female
Bio: Karla is the leader of the Darude Raiders. She has raided various facilities including the Cipher. She’s crazy but friendly and she utilizes four assault rifles, making her really dangerous.

Name: Johnson
Age: ??
Species: Zoroark
Gender: Male
Bio: Johnson is the hacker and tech guy of the Darude Raiders. He wears an exosuit which boosts his strength and agility. He also thinks Karla is batshit crazy.

Here’s my Steam

Oh here’s some iMuse.

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