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Hello! If you’re reading this, you don’t have to. If you having something better to do than read my boring information, feel free to ignore this and move on! I don’t mind. But if you’re still here, allow me to indulge you. Feel free to call me by any name you see fit; although most will refer to me simply as, “that Brony that posted Dragon Ball Z gifs too much”. And that’s just what I did. If you wanted a specific Dragon Ball Z gif or image, I was the guy to go to. My Steam username and PlayStation Network username is generalyi (no caps, no spaces).

Every Sunday, I used to post the weekly Bible Verse on my wall and anyone was free to discuss what it means to them or how it spoke to them. I also took prayer requests that can be posted on my wall or private messaged to me (PM’d will be kept anonymous and will not be put on the prayer request list as a result). Any person was welcome, Christian or not, we welcome all who are curious. If you want to join, let the others know and they’ll do their best to help you out, and lurking is just as fine.
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Feel free to let the others know if you need anything prayed for! Any and all requests were posted in this box, unless they wished to remain anonymous.
Caro: Taking medicine for bi-polar disorder, uncle’s alcoholism
Mack: brother needs prayer, aiming to intern at an outreach ministry (Reformed University Fellowship) and really wants to be a part of it, seeks to serve God more intentionally with a new semester of school starting, new responsibilities within the campus ministry, some classes are giving him trouble, upcoming exams, seeks a God-honoring way to explain his non-reciprocated romantic feelings towards a lady friend of his, seeks to witness to a secular friend of his whom he’s interested in romantically
Verbose: General well-being, having a hard time staying focused with prayer, stressed with maintaining multiple friendships and looking to develop stronger ones, mother dealing with various things, in a depressive slump right now and seeks freedom via prayer
Free Cake: College philosophy class is moving into Christian studies, new semester of school
ImmaHeMan: Wishes to witness to Evolutionist and Agnostic friends, seeks to distance himself from temptation
Nox Lucis: A new sense of direction in his life after major changes occurred, a couple he knows lost their two year old daughter to cancer
Sir Genry: Purity maintaing in relationship with girlfriend, kid at his school needs to be witnessed to, works to pray continually
Myself: Now absent from this site all together due to it being a key problem in my battles with pornography, prayer for growth and strength in this field
Itayl1: School term nearing a close but struggling to get there
Vinyltavia: Needing a career change in life to give new direction as a Christian and a person, plans for moving out with his friend are on hold due to his friend becoming unemployed, prays for better days, having anxiety attacks
NoLifeProphet: Mother and Brother have Bi-Polar disorder, looking for inspiration for writing, seeks to maintain his focus on Christ, found out he has Anxiety Disorder, waiting for antibiotics he took for an infection to wear off, seeks to let go of his frustrations with others
HK-47: seeks God’s help in personal issues, wishes to be more outgoing and sociable, inspections coming up
[Loli]amnyancat: seeks more hope in his life and to keep old friendships strong while building onto new ones
Thatswhynot: Praying on whether to search for a new job or go back to school, elderly man he saw on vacation was having serious medical problems
Flare Boost: Safe recovery for his cousin who recently beat Pancreatic Cancer, cousin’s wife’s grandfather who raised her died recently, pastor of church was recently hospitalized
Snickerway: Uncle’s friend was heavily injured by robbers
Sir-Soundwave: procrastinating on school projects
Mr. Scratch: parents in poor health, mother passed away recently
MOD: Seeks to be less self-critical
TrooperCant: Transitioning from High School to College, working on several career-related projects
Misc: Prayer for those who have passed on, those that fight hate with more hate and that they would see the benefits of love instead, riots in Ukraine

Revelation 22:21
“The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.”

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