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A jackass who rewards you with hats for posting on the forums.
Check the Terms and Conditions to see how shit works!

Get your own Beep Boy at Hoovy’s Hat Shop
for only $195!

Q: “Why is was there a grand reopening?”
A: I got bored and went missing for a while. I also ran out of sandviches.

Q: “What about my $$$?”
A: Everyone starts from zero now, because hats are precious.

Q: “y u do dis”
A: Ay don’t maek mi maek it worse

Q: “What’s new?”
A: More hats, new rules, new 1-Week money back guarantee, etc.

Packs are an experimental feature in which you buy a crate and hope for a good hat, you can also get something else other than just hats!
Each pack gives you 3 items, they can be:
Miscellaneous items!
Pets! (Animals that sit wherever you want them to, except your crotch.)
And of course… UNUSUALS!

1. N/A
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. N/A
5. N/A
Status: No one has ordered a hat yet.


> Add Terms and Conditions
> Add a balance list
> Add a customer list
> Add a hat delivery waiting line
> Add more hats
> Make the shop fancier
> Add more hats again
! Get tha diarrhoea
> Add the “Deal of tha Week” system

Pretty straight forward :

> There is a 1-Week money-back guarantee after a hat is purchased
> The money back guarantee can only be used once per month
> Hats are soulbound
> Hats are precious
> Users now start with $0 + Forum Posts
> Forum posts are worth $10 each
> Users with thousands of forum posts may only buy a hat once every 3 days
> Unusuals can no longer be bought, but can be acquired by packs
> I will by no means exchange a hat for a sandvich, I have trained for years to have this kind of self-control.

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