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Get your own Beep Boy at Hoovy’s Hat Shop
for only $195!

Q: “Why is was there a grand reopening?”
A: I got bored and went missing for a while. I also ran out of sandviches.

Q: “What about my $$$?”
A: Everyone starts from zero now, because hats are precious.

Q: “y u do dis”
A: Ay don’t maek mi maek it worse

Q: “What’s new?”
A: More hats, new rules, new 1-Week money back guarantee, etc.

Packs are an experimental feature in which you buy a crate and hope for a good hat, you can also get something else other than just hats!
Each pack gives you 3 items, they can be:
Miscellaneous items!
Pets! (Animals that sit wherever you want them to, except your crotch.)
And of course… UNUSUALS!

1. N/A
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. N/A
5. N/A
Status: No one has ordered a hat yet.


> Add Terms and Conditions
> Add a balance list
> Add a customer list
> Add a hat delivery waiting line
> Add more hats
> Make the shop fancier
> Add more hats again
! Get tha diarrhoea
> Add the “Deal of tha Week” system

Pretty straight forward :

? There is a 1-Week money-back guarantee after a hat is purchased
? The money back guarantee can only be used once per month
? Hats are soulbound
? Hats are precious
? Users now start with $0 + Forum Posts
? Forum posts are worth $10 each
? Users with thousands of forum posts may only buy a hat once every 3 days
? Unusuals can no longer be bought, but can be acquired by packs
? I will by no means exchange a hat for a sandvich, I have trained for years to have this kind of self-control.

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