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Why do I still have an account here? People are willingly being stupid, submitting stuff that gets galleries closed, and get butthurt over the smallest things.

Because Vocaloid and TF2, that’s why.

Rand Pual looked at the faec of his father, rond paul, briefly before turning his head back down to the reptilian pussy of the dead hooker lying on the puke colored motel rug.
“Fcuk you daddy. No one understands my liiiiiiiiiiiief!”
He feels the sharp, doctor something type of cock belonging to his frather as it juts down his throat. Rand gags loudly, despair cuahgt in his throat. Famlial haetred rises up like a tempest in his windpipe, anger and sadness ejecting loudly from his vocahael chords, a deep sob.
“NO, RANDIANDY!” rond pual hissed as he beat his son with the very same cock he had used to sire him.
“FCUK THE DAMF ALEIN!!!” and now rand pual can feel the elder Pual’s tight doctor something hands gripping his fat puppy neck. Rand can feel his faec froced into the dead reptiliaens’s long perished birth canal. Tears stream down the rad pauls junior’s face.
“I can’t do it dayyady! She’s dead! She’s DEADD!”
Now rand canot breath. His fathers cock is so far into his throart that he can feel itfondling the opening of his stomach. Radn tries not to cry, because the more he crires the bigger his dad’s cock gets, and the bigger his cock gets the less aireries he can take into his lugs.
“You know whose dead?”
Rand just sobs.
He father egts not answer form his foul son.
“THE BABIES ARE DEAD!!!!” Theat thick fatherly cock, deeper and deeper into rand’s throat. He wants to cry and wants to aks his father to stop, but h can’t. Daddy has done this before and if radn asks for soace form angels he Rond will tear his throat bloody with his cock. “I’m a DOCTOR, Rand. You know this. I baptized you myself. If I know the bayb is dea THE BAD BY IS DEAD!!!”
Again, rond rips himself out from rand’s tendy trhaot and forces his son’s face into the dead hooker’s scaly flesh. “UOU CAN FUCK THE DAMF ALEIN OR YOU CAN FUCK THE BABIES DEAD!”
Rand lines up his nose with the line oc dragon coaincne going across the dead reptlians’ body. Mounds of white power on her big reptilian text to speech. Fro a second there the relder pual can feel a serge of manly fatherly joy in his pulsating cock as the younger puals dose compntealte it.
“dogs”, the child says to the father
“DOGS?! VABBIES!” screams ron
Ron’s face is torn from his mechanical pope body. Kiddie porn babies scream on their backs and on their knees before his crytalsized repitiod eyes as rons barin starts to dim.
“YOU AER DAMNED THE BU THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!” the dying mechine screams. Clouds of flies tear apart his false skin like aged parchment staind by hatoful lies.
“Kill me frist”, the youger pual states blody. “iam already booked my from in hell.’
The body who rand once recnogizes as his father falls forward, dull and limp. Black shit oozes out of his mouth where he was a doctro or whatever. “we are nothing but all ouf os dexters’ labrotory. Faggots dcreaming for death by the splitzophuck machines.”
Rand Pual removes the human face from his gold and white luchadore mask. He looks at his surroundings. The motel room, his dead father. The cocaine. The prostitute’s body. In the end they were white lies reminding him of his life on a planet he never really lived on.
He walked down the dim corridor before passing a window into the night sky. He evaluated the stars, the planets. He thought about going back home.
“STICK IT IN YOUR BUGPIEP YUO FCUK!”, Lucha Jack shouts, fully fromed!

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Whitesupremacymemes is a fucking gold mine

all of these were on the same page

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No! Anything but the stuff behind me! ANYTHING!

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Frankly, not the worst porn I’ve ever seen.

I once found porn of Medic fucking Sniper’s trachea. From the lung end. Fortunately, it was a drawing, but it also means that someone took several hours to shade and paint and ink this picture of Medic fucking Sniper’s lungs

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Naruto? What lame-ass anime are you talking about? He’s clearly from Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals.

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My uncle taught his African Gray to say “Drive carefully!” and “Gung hay fat choy (literally: Good luck and get rich!)” in Chinese. She talks to herself, and on more than one occasion she put the two correctly into “Get rich carefully!”.

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The medigun is a long tube that’s held right in front of Medic’s crotch. When he pulls on it, he builds up a charge that doesn’t last very long, but is really awesome.

No wonder the first Medic was Dr. Freud.

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The blind spot is where the optic nerve attaches to the back of your eyeball. Not a whole lot of rods/cones there so you can’t see, and your brain just makes up something to fill in the gap so you don’t have a black hole in your vision.

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The drillbot is also trailing DNA.

This is DNA Polymerase on acid.

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