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Greetings dear reader, I am a robot from outer space.
However as I have observed the ways of Earth through the internet, sure there’s lots more to learn, but still, I have become profound of a great amount of the human psyche, developing various artistic abilities, a great amount of laziness and well … let’s just leave this topic here.

Lately I have been playing mostly the Wii U & 3DS, sometimes on the PS3 & PSVita [under the username of Stashy General] as well as rarely (and sadly) On steam [under the same display name as from the PS3].
Watamote (at least the manga), Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Portal, Waluigi, Adventure Time among others. I really do enjoy fandom watching.
As much as I am exploring my musical preference there is a quite large range of song genres that I can confirm that interest me. These include: classical, electronic, dub-step, jazz, rock, heavy metal and black metal. I tend to not really like rap songs however there are small exceptions such as Starbomb that I do enjoy.
I occasionally paint something on my tablet for my profile picture and edit pictures on photoshop. nothing great but nothing terrible.
This website really helps me have a great grasp of the internet in-jokes and the previously mentioned Earthling culture.
I am always looking for Si-fi and horror classics to have great references stored in my hard drive. I do also enjoy a lot animations.

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