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i’m terribly sorry for having an opinion, which may even differ from yours.
now that that’s settled, we can move on…

secretly, i watch girly cartoons (and love the german dub voice of luna from sailor moon’s first season…)
i also count reading girly comics to my hobbies.

i couln’t care less about ‘saving anime’, because it never needed saving and never will. that being said, yes i like moe anime, obviously.
a lot.

pathological shipper.
thus fire emblem is a highly addictive drug, especially awakening, since i only play the handheld ones and support-caps kinda suck imo…

nintendo fanboy scratch that, nintendo has strained mypatience for way too long.
plays pokemon for the pokemon (aka too lazy to train/breed/whateverman properly).
pretends to be glorious pc gaming masterrace tho.

port adelaide fan, can’t really watch most AFL games here tho.
started watiching league casue they cool, streaming in high quality for free.

thank you based NRL.
go the mighty storm!

wannabe headbanger but obviously is hardcore kid with identity problems (who cares about genres though?).

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