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hello there.
since you’ve come here:
i’m a 20 year old computer sciences student who likes animu and heavy music.
i suck at 2d fighters but like them anyway, i like to pretend to be glorious pc masterrace but i play(ed) on pretty much every nintendo handheld and now succumbed to playstation 4’s charms.
oh, and i’d like to destroy your free democratic basic civic order and replace it with a dictatorship of the proletariat council democracy, but who doesn’t?
if you have no idea what i’m talking about, pease refer to this video and do not panic.
let’s all be friends then :3
my taste in music is trve vntrve kvlt, jesus most likely wasn’t black, but not white either, ronald reagan is the devil, the government is not lying about 9/11 though, moe anime is great and arnold schwarzenegger jean reno is the greatest actor of all time.
thank you for your time and attention, i hope you understand that i expect you to magically sense through the internet whether i’m serious or not.

i also changed my name from itabtoo to this one 4tehlulz

oh and fuck NIS America for whitelisting the US version of danganronpa, but not the EU release for Playstation TV.

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