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Im a 23 year old guy. I work for a construction company as the project manager. And If I am not at work, I work on my own business or professional photography or I’m drawing something.

Thanks to Alejandro for this awesome Secret Santa gift.

“Over My Head and Hard to Say” (to the tune of Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away”

Hey Ivan
You’re on the IRC

Trying to make me see

That “modding, modding, modding
Takes a while, you see”

Oh, too much
Too much
Too much stuff

Many nights I’ve tried
But always I’ve been missin’
Tryin’ to give her the D
With your technical mo-jo

Many times I’ve lied
And said “I understand it”
Many times I’ve called you
A drunk Canadian ho

But I’d like to thank you,
For even drunk IRC-in’
To make me understand
How much there is to know

Ivan is the man
Who’s got no shit to be missin’
While I’m sitting here jizzin’
My pants over Kat

IPv6 is absurd
I actually don’t fucking get it
But you’re cool for trying,
And also ‘cos you know

I’m so glad I know
I’m so glad I know
Yeah I’m so glad I know you

Merry Christmas, Ivan! ♥ Alejandro

Add me on 3DS: 2122-7242-7470
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