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I’m an aspiring Pshycological Horror writer. I go to Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School (sophomore at the moment) and I’ll be getting my Vocational Degree in Computers. I like to write sort of dark and sadistic stories, a sort of Cupcakes esque voque if you know what I mean, mostly zombies, I like zombies, alot, but also insanity. I think if my life becomes a failure, I might become a Phsycologist, if thats how you spell it. I also play Team Fortress 2 alot, I play on the Bar Room achievement_engineer

If you know me irl, please do not read bottom

Secretly, I’m a Brony that was following mlp the day EqD was made, I was even there when we hit 1 million views. And I’m proud to be a Brony, especially with all the newfound hype of the season 2 release date ~yay.

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