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I go and play ROBLOX most of the time.
If you’re wondering what’s my username, it’s FrostBiteBerserk
Either PM me at ROBLOX who you are or post on the wall your username

Watch your thoughts for they become your words
Watch your words for the become your actions
Watch your actions for they become your habits
Watch your habits for they become your character
Watch your character for they become your destiny

I am Aaron James.
I listen to emo, rock, and neo-classical music.
I am terrible at Math and I’d forget lots of its teachings
I think aloud but never speaks

I draw and play the guitar,
But I mostly play the computer without a scar.
I contemplate my thoughts into words
Defined with chords

Every time my brother plays the radio
It makes me pop
To hear the crap
He plays which is hip-hop

Without a day,
I read manga,
And watch Anime

Here’s a cover of 1D’s Story of My Life from Boyce Avenue, my most favorite band. This song is actually better than 1Ds’s previous songs. The whole album is actually better than their other albums.

My xfire name is shuese.

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