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Hello, I am Jesus (Jesus of New York),

Found me.

“I came to the internet for porn and dinosaurs, and that’s just what I plan to use the internet for!”

New page W.I.P.

Hello! My name is Jesus of New York, also call me JONY! I am a constant Know Your Memer.I write pages that need to be written, try to save pages that need to be saved, post p0rn, and get into stupid internet arguments that waste everyone’s time. Oh, I’m also the son of God and I died for your sins.

I don’t give a fuck. So call the fucking cops.

League of Legends
Final Fantasy
Kill La Kill
Street Fighter
Monster High and Ever After High. (Go on, judge me.)

-Work On Local Man Ruins Everything
-Fix Resident fucking Evil page
-Not be a douche
-Make a Fairy Tail page. (Maybe)


Please repent, talk ,and ask questions in the box below.

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