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I hate everyone and everything.

I love everyone and everything.

Sometimes I hate having a personality disorder… one day you hate everyone, the next you want them to make love to you.

Dammit, I mutated again. This time I merged between Lyra and Maud… oh joy. Rocks and hands… prepare yourselves, everyone.

I have a Steam Account (markhaox14), so add me or don’t. Play TF2, Killing Floor, Fallout, Half-Life, and Garry’s Mod. I’m also into League of Legends (I forget which is my Summoner Name… markhaox or markhaox14), so look me up there too!

I believe I’m already recognized as being mentally insane. Apparently, since the introduction of a “certain” thread, I am now recognized as being bisexual… which I’m OK with!

I also hope to be recognized as a bringer of pain misery suffering joy to most of my fellow KYM Bronies and Pegasisters.

I’m in training by another fellow user, though I can’t explain what it is I’m training for, as it’s top secret confidential. This is, however, when my alternate ego and code name, The Dark Horse shall appear.
Very… very… soon…

I’m also a Fallout fanatic, so expect a bit of that as well.

More Badges and Stuff.

It’s official now. Blue x Mark OTP FTW! Certified and commenced by the sexy virus himself!

And that is my KYM identity for all of you to reference!

Well, like I said earlier, I am a brony/pegasister, so of course I have a favorite pony list! A lot of people criticize my choices… but no one will sway me to worship Rarity as #1!

1. Lyra

2. Luna

3. Maud Pie

4. Fluttershy

5. Flitter

Welp, that’s pretty much it now. Hope to see you all soon, get to know you better, and just have fun! Thanks for visiting!

NOTE: Don’t ruin ponies for everyone. It’s immature when you shove ponies down someone’s throat if they ask you not to, and it ruins it for both Bronies and the Swiss. Just don’t do it. Thank you.

I’m pretty easy to get along with… so LOVE ME!!!

Um… OK… well, every once in a while, if a user interests me in a good way by being funny, helpful, kind, or something else extraordinary, I will follow them, as well as leave a message on their wall explaining myself. BUT if I don’t get a follow back from them by three days, I WILL stop following them, delete the wall post, and never follow them again. I want to get to really know the users on this site, and if I can’t contact them somehow, then I can’t really get to know them. If you do respond in time, then I thank you very much, and I will love and stalk you forever until you die hope to see you more on KYM!

So… you followed me…

That’s excellent! I usually respond quickly to these follows, and then afterwards contact them with a message on their wall thanking them. If you follow me, however, it would really help to tell me a little about yourself. Friends can’t be friends without communication. I will no doubt tell you about me as well, and then I’d be happy with a new friend!

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