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Ooh, I love eatin’ cereal
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I love Fruity Pebbles
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I love Super Sugar Crisp
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons
Ooh, I love Count Chocula
When I’m watchin’ my cartoons

Let’s go
Pour the milk in the bowl
Make sure it’s ice cold
Put my hand on the top
So it don’t overflow
Forget playing outside
With my friends from school
It’s Saturday morning, fool!
But you know what ain’t cool
Wakin’ up first
‘Cause all that be on the tube
Is the Snorks and Smurfs,
Strawberry Shortcake, the worst
But comin’ up next
Was my boy, Johnny Quest
Sim Sim Salabim
But Fat Albert was the best
The Brown Hornet Picture Pages
Made me want to write graffiti
I had to do it when
Davey and Goliath couldn’t see me
Always tryin’ to do right they’d be hangin’ out with Dudley
But I watched Wacky Races
Rootin’ for my dog, Muttley.
You know what really bugged me? (What?)
Gobots was whack
Man, they bit the Transformers
And that’s a well-known fact
After these messages we’ll be right back…
Where do I start? I was born, I exercised, I ate food, I grew to a nice 5’4", I stopped growing, and I am now typing this. YAY!
Things you don’t need to know about me but I really need to practice having social interaction because I’m antisocial:
1. I am not a brony, but I’m not an asshole, either, and therefore I support other people’s decisions to do what they want, as long as it conforms to the law.
2. I have WAAAAY too much time on my hands, and I can research stuff, so if you need an extra hand, I can help with editing entries.
3. I like dubstep and anime, preferably loud dubstep and perverted anime. I am currently watching Haganai and listening to IDestiny.
4. I am kinda retarded. So that’s out there.

I think that’s it. A pretty wimpy and scrawny entry, but I’m a wimpy and scrawny man, so I think that’s all there is to know ABOUT ME.

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