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I am a creative person. If someone ever gives me a bad comment, I reply “I don’t care, but you shouldn’t have done that.” I am kind to others, I may be annoying, but to entertain others.

My hobbies and how I started to do them:

I do have an interest in drawing, which is my thing. When I was young, I use to draw stickmen. As I got older, I see manga books, I tried to draw them, but failed, so I traced them. But now in the present, I started drawing things without using books, I can draw anime, but not just anime, but any type (but not all, I don’t all types of drawings), since in art class in my school. I draw my own characters and in the future, I could create my own tv show using the characters I created.
This is just a drawing of my own character I created. The info is just useless.
I like making stories. I Do seem to have lots of imagionatio to myself lol. I actually have a weakness in reading, I have a hard time summarizing the book. I still do but since in my language arts class, I seem to get better writing stories (even though I have bad reading skills). I made one on quotev (but it is not finished)!
Ah music, music is very entertaining to me! I can create music, but in only…one site. I was born were…all of the music becomes crap listening to One Direction, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and those kind of stuff…I like the past songs better, the new ones were bad, most of the songs are talking about women or men love. I saw some artists that does not have songs like that like Kelly Clarksons Dark Side, Rosanne Cash’s Land Of Dreams. Songs that does not talk about women (or men) are the good ones.I like listening to emotional songs and the ones that have a true meaning.

Haha! This isn’t my original character, I don’t own this one except for the name.

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