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Used to frequent the MLPFiM image section but now I just tumblr and Derpibooru

 A dimensional traveler, popping in and out of worlds such as comics, webcomics, animated shows, and fictional worlds.
 Also known as an incredibly powerful battlemage, excelling in nearly every element and weapon style. My signature spell is my portal spells, not to be confused with Aperature portals, these ones allow me to travel inbetween the worlds I visit, as well as different time periods.
 The most notable thing about me is my long fluffy fox tail, it’s not just for show y’know.
 I have not yet breached the barrier to your world, but I do have access to alternate versions of every other world; they’re more of a secret since no one’s able to see my power yet. Hopefully the upcoming triple eclipse will loosen the barrier for my arrival. 
 I had first randomly stumbled upon the MLP:FiM world a few months ago and since then it’s been a tranquil refuge for some of my less than bright antics. Don’t get me wrong, my soul, too, is now rainbows. Although it seems like the friendship has been fading, hopefully it can be reignited when season two is released. In a personal universe, Lunacy is often around Twilight, mostly studying the unicorn magic since it’s completely different from the other magics he’s witnessed. He also likes to try to teach her some other types of spells that he’s more familiar with.
 Slowing spilling character info as I post around the site.
Also rather than simply exclaiming a repost I like to make direct references to the image to make the repost exclamation more amusing.
 Also I check on all my image posts since I actually remove reposts, if not all then most.

 I also dislike the humanzied ponies, just a bit under my grey zone…

Randomsauce: Hee!
Randomsauce FOREVER!

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Fav pony: Pinkie Pie sorandom and Fluttershy socute… and Chrysalis nowait, i mean EVERYPONY
Fav Ep: Twilight’s Kingdom
Why is there no Ever Equestria II (Everquest2) crossovers or parodies yet? D:

Heh I like the uncleanliness of my image fav’s :3

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