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Hey everyone! I’m kinda a nut for portal and some of my favorite memes include the Space Core, Derpy Hooves, Coneing, and many others. Have an awesome day (or night, if that’s your thing)!

Find me on Steam! I’m pkrockin199x!

Let me tell y’all now, I’m a Cutie Mark Crusader
You can’t stop ponies, y’all Gildas, ya haters
Twitcha-twitch sense get tense and stand back
Work ethic on the track rivals Applejack’s
Pegasus pony, I been so fly
Get hype like (YAY)…Fluttershy (SWAG)
Derpy with the hooves we proves we got moves
Y’all toothless as Gummy, in short, ya rap funny
Got magic up the flank how much you wanna wager
that Maros bodies beats just like that Ursa Major
Hate all you want you ugly old mule you’re
never gonna be 20 percent cooler
How much Luna would a WoodLuna Luna if a WoodLuna would Luna Luna?

I’m working on Equestria Daily paints for iRacing, but it’s taking forever and school is starting. I only have 1 of around 24 done, provided I don’t do schemes for the Mane Six.

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