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Gamer (a lot of Starcraft 2), brony (Rarity being my favorite, but just for a tiny bit and because her cutie mark looks like pylons). What else? Maybe a bit too calm, other than that, pretty usual person.

-If the ponies played starcraft 2, I’m so sure Rarity would be protoss.

-Rarity is my favorite pony if we’re talking about the mane 6, but I’d say Trixie is number 1 in my own list if we’re talking about everypony.

-Seriously speaking, protoss is not OP. There is a saying that goes “Your enemy will always look a lot bigger when you kneel before him, stand up.”

-I like MLP:FIM, and its fanbase (except for a few exceptions, but I usually don’t get my jimmies rustled over that).

-I was not born yesterday, bronies have as much right to obsess over ponies as (for example) the Star Wars fans.

-I play protoss because quality over quantity and inspiration instead of transpiration is more my thing

deal with it.

-RTS games are mainly about strategy, APM does matter, but spamming a-click behind a forcefielded ramp and rage when you get crushed is just downright childish and pitiful.

-Taking into consideration the fact I’m an entity made of bone and flesh, who is aware of its existence on this huge rock we call Earth, as well as the amount and kind of problems we got to deal with, I say on-line bitching has little to no relevance.

-If you think clop is horrible, wait until you try being a psychologist treating really messed up people, or don’t, it’s ok, not everyone has what it takes to live in actual adversity.

-I got no problem putting up with gore/clop/ potentially jimmy rustling material, as long as it is within the limits of the site where is being posted.

-The internet is everyone’s (at least for now), don’t go all over the web preaching self-rightousness in hopes to get only cheers because some will raise their middle finger at you, straight up.

Now if now you are like:

Just one thing: “Live and let live”

Well zerg/terran,

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