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I’m a Touhou fan who mainly enjoys the series for its amazing games. I like “bullet hell” shoot ‘em ups a lot (other than Touhou too!) and specialise in them, so I don’t play many other games. Shoot ’em ups are my (BY FAR) favourite games. Things I do play a lot other than shoot ’em ups include Pokémon.

Anyway, besides gaming, I am also greatly interested in anything related to countries, programming and of course internet culture. Haha, why would I be here otherwise? ;P I am also actively on YouTube other than here; I have a channel with the same username to which I upload my (mostly) shoot ’em up game achievements, which I have also listed as my website.

To anyone who feels like contacting me: I prefer doing so over Skype; feel free to PM me to ask for my Skype name.

Those who are interested in my shoot ’em up achievements should look here: Achievement Database


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