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Hello, I’m Masutakusu! I can’t decide if I’m a troll or not.
I’m also a KYM veteran.

Being a veteran, I do not respect community boundaries here. These circle-jerks did not exist back in my time, and I am not afraid to hold unpopular beliefs.
I will say something unpopular.
I will get down-voted.
I will say that 1+1=2
I will still get down-voted.
Needless to say, I get quite a few cases of mass down-votes. I’m too nice to return the favour, though.
Now, the truth is, I really wish I didn’t get down-voted so much. They’ve just become worthless to me. I thought they would be a nice way to evaluate myself, but all it tells me is whether or not I agree 100% with everyone else. 99%? Down-voted.

More chill when I’m not on my quasi-troll account.

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