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I’m Minty, someone who you can bother and expect nothing to happen. I can’t really be bothered about controversies either.

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What, still here?
Okay, erm, I’m Minty, I like playing videogames. I also like being a nuisance to anyone and everyone. I also strongly suggest that you don’t talk about “illuminati” around me unless it’s for jokes and giggles. I already have to listen to a lot of people I know talk about that.

Movies I like
I like slow but interesting movies, particularly ones that focus around the 18th century or any movie that has displays of exoticism or interesting characters/area design (this mostly applies to animated movies though). Comedy is also a good genre that I like, although it usually falls into old British “hither and tither”.

* The Godfather
* Spirited Away/Anything made by Studio Ghibli
* The Nightmare Before Christmas
* Forrest Gump
* The Grand Budapest Hotel

Music I like
I love Gorillaz, full stop. I don’t think I really listen to anything BUT Gorillaz and remixes of their songs. Although, to be fair, I must say that I like Dub, Reggae and Jazz (smooth lounge variety). Soul is also something that gets me blood shaking and pumping, old-school rock is also something that I enjoy and Marching Band songs are solid in my view. Basically anything that isn’t extremely sugary Bubblegum Pop (Bubblegum Pop in itself is something I enjoy though)

* Gorillaz
* Grandmaster Flash
* The Thievery Corporation
* Bob Marley
* Hiroyuki Sowano

And remember, I’m not the smartest user on KYM, so don’t take anything I say seriously. Even my serious posts should be viewed with extreme scrutiny. I tend to act first, think later.

Okay, peace out, radical chillbro.

Irrelevant nonsense that doesn’t deserve a button

And a word of advice if you’re new:
This is a meme website, kick back and relax, don’t take everything on here seriously, don’t shitpost unnecessarily unless on the dedicated shitposting board and have fun. That’s what the secondary point of this website is, besides documenting internet culture.
And don’t be a dick.

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