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I roam the internet.
Not in search of anything in particular, it’s just something I do.
As of Monday (5/12/2014), I will officially have my first job, something I’m proud of.
Working at Subway, I shall be a Sandwich Artist (I shit you not, that is my official title. Could not stop laughing).
One day I hope to be a Sandwich Engineer (if that’s not a real thing I intend to locate a suggestion box and submit it immediately).
I watch a lot of anime and play some video games, mostly visual novels.
I don’t really do the waifu thing, but if I did I guess mine would be Haruko of FLCL, which is one of my favorite anime.
I occasionally take apart laptops and do minor computer work. I’ve finally (6/5/2014) successfully repaired both desktops and laptops with both software and hardware issues (posting from a previously broken laptop right now).
On an unrelated note, today is also the day I got my horse mask, as I needed something to pad out the order on Amazon to get free shipping.

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