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For a long time I always wondered exactly of what exactly goes on in the underworld simply known as Teh InterWebz. Ever since I was 9 back in 1999, I figured if this “Internet” could turn out as some sort of refuge for people who doesn’t see themselves get connected to everything that is mainstream. And then 4chan came along.

I knew that it could possibly be a place for the deep web dwellers to show their true face. I have made some posts on there a few times, but mainly to bring up political issues; particularly ones that revolve around the unpopular former president George W. Bush. Even after being ostracized for my will to not blend in with the others, I knew right then and there that I knew that there was a reason why I can’t seem to hang out with people that “drink their own weight & have sex until their bodies drop dead in an awkward position.” I knew that there was no way I can be associated with those people.

I knew that in the future, when I become involved in having a role in the U.S. Federal Government system to fulfill my avid interest in politics, that I have to represent something. I have to help represent those who would rather think independently than being forced to receive a waterboard treatment that involved being drowned in horrendous popular culture that served little to zero purpose to humanity.

Troll or Saint, Brony or Haruhiist, Homosexual or Heterosexual, I don’t care. To me, being truly independent means that you can think for yourself and do your own actions. Sure it helps to have someone by your side, but it helps form a community. It shows that rather than being divided, we, the Internet culture, are more than just socially awkward persons glued to their computer screens. We, too, are human. We all chose to become who we are, WITHOUT being forced to believe in something just because others believe in it. You don’t want to believe? That’s up to you. Every individual is their own. They themselves are precious. WE, are precious. We are, the Internet.

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