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“[SO], the tale begins as a null mindset spawned into reality. Birth.
One, catered and cultivated with normality.
Through periodic intoxication, acquires a bijou.
This elegant instance, discharges waves of excogitation:
Excites the mind to levels of anomalous significance.
[GREAT] is the new spirit of /MAN/.
Expressing and expulsing ample yet involute oration unto maxima,
Albeit the absence of dexterity hinders his progress, even now.
Newfound merriment has overwhelmed the being,
Given the desire, he cannot bring himself to share the beauty.
[AND] the fear of ridicule limits him.
Fear, it limits us all. “TOO MANY LIMITS!” he says, he rebels.
“It’s the light inside us”, you cannot be absolute.
Fear will limit and release everything until the complete null is achieved.
Denial has resulted, leaving only bitterness and hatred.
[POWERFUL] is the only description of /MAN/’s treasure; “Power to the peaceful.”
/MAN/ has not found a position; he has not staked his territory.
The prize will soon inspire and influence his writing of his HISTORY.
“History: Unfolding of expositional over-abundance”
The unfolding of cause and effect, the cause always defined as [FEAR]. "

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