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Yo Bomber, You do know you can’t Spell Capture by spamming bombs don’t you? Noob.

My name is Natsuru Springfield. I am a Community Artist and long-time user on the site.

I run an Art Request thread in Just for Fun, an Art/Game/Movie Stream as extension to that, and am majoring in Computer Game Development at Mt. Hood Community College.

Namely, I ran an art request thread and kept it running since I started it up. Eventually hosting art livestreams where I create digital art. You can have a look at my art, see how much I have improved, and see when I am livestreaming Here, and I would love it if you managed to join one of my streams.

Earlier this year I was rewarded the community artist badge for my efforts in that area along with the art master of the website Muumi.

Two things: First off my two primary styles are Anime and Realistic, I can’t draw in any other way at the moment. I use Anime when I want to be Quick (like fufilling thread or livestream requests) and I use realistic when I want to make something high quality (usually for School or for my own long term projects)


I am still practicing realistic, so just give me some time.

The second possible reason is that the drawing is likely old. My delivery rate has dropped considerably in the last year due to school.

Should probably be clear at what game design is: Game Design is not just Programming Games. It’s figuring out how the game is going to play, how the game is going to run, how the game will look like, and how the game will sell, and applying all of that. I am actually very good at both Game Design and Art already, and my classes are beefing me up for the real world.

I have created around 5 fully fledged Tabletop Systems, and have fully designed around 3 major video games I plan on taking to production once I graduate.

Yes, I have made games before and am actually making games right now, but you can learn more about that on a later date.

Natsuru is the main character from the anime Kampfer. I have a bit of a nostalgia sense for it since it was my first anime I watched that was not censored by 4 kids. In retrospect, the ending to the anime sucked really bad and ruined the experience for most people. I suggest watching Masako X’s Abridged Series of it.

Springfield, or rather Negi Springfield, is the main character from the manga Negima. In my early days I attempted to match my last name with whoever my current avatar was, but fell short of that plan. So Natsuru Springfield stuck.

Do not watch the anime versions of Negima, stick to the Manga.

I am intrested in Video Games, and am majoring in Computer Game Design. I am also into Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Art, Tabletop Games, and in anything about Japanese Mythology and Culture.

Huge fan of anything that was represented in Super Smash Brothers. Huge fan of the works of Miyzaki and Gen Urobuchi, my absolute favorite animes are Madoka Madoki, Fate/Zero, and Kara no Kyoukai. My favorite mangas are Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, and Negima. My favorite cosplayer is Enako, who was famous for dressing as Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou Project. My favorite character from Japanese Mythology is Ushiwaka and Amaterasu, and my favorite Japanese Subculture is Touhou Project (Which holds all of my interests in one).

In the past I have been represented as:
Natsuru Seno
Negi Springfield in Crossplay
Hayate Yagami
Human Amaterasu Okami
Reimu Hakurei

There are a few other short lived characters like Marisa Kirisame, Saber, Byakuren, and Nanoha, but these are the majority of them.


July 1st, 1992, this year I will be turning 22.

Wizard: Think Harry Potter. They are calling upon their magic powers to literally change the reality of the target.
Mage: Think of an elemental master. They can’t actually control reality, but rather Manifest Elements as Energy. The most fair of the magic users and most Video Games use this.
Sorcerer: A Sorcerer is like a Wizard, however must be more reserved with his magic due to the fact they must exchange usually more than just Mana in order to invoke their magic. Usually the victim’s of the magic life.
Witch: Somewhat like Sorcery, but far more potent. A Witch lets demons into her own body to manage other spirits like a sorcerer would. This is arguably more dangerous than Wizardry as it creates an automated system of curses after it’s cast. This is commonly called Occult.

Of Course! My systems are 3DS, Wii, Wii U, and Tunngle for Online Computer games!

3DS Friend Code:

Nintendo Network ID:

No, I refuse to get a Steam until they stop PC Master Racing in my face or once a must have game comes out for it. But fat chance on that one, Steam is heavily biased against Japanese Game Developers.

Either though Wall Posts, PMS, Livestream Chatroom, Chatroom, you name it.

Touhou Victories, Normal or Higher.

Mystic Square Normal: Reimu
Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil Normal: All Clear!
Perfect Cherry Blossom Normal: Reimu A, Reimu B, Marisa A, Sakuya A
Imperishable Night Normal: All Teams Ending B, Border Team Ending A
Imperishable Night EXTRA: Illusionary Border Team
Mountain of Faith Normal: Reimu A
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Normal: Reimu
Ten Desires Normal: Marisa
Hopeless Masquerade Normal: Reimu, Marisa.


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