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Greetings, reader.

While saying this I know I will be bombarded by troll messages and posts eventually; I’m a furry and I don’t give a shit anything that spews from the mouth of a troll.
As the gender thingy indicates, I’m male like the other 89.1% of the internet.
My username already says enough about my name, and no it isn’t my real one.
When it comes to memes I like those that have suggestive themes like the one with the smiling girl in front of a burning house.
My favourite meme is Good Guy Greg, as some people identify me as similar to him at times.
I have a slight[major] problem with my memory, so if I forget who you are please don’t be offended.
One last thing before I hurry off, don’t mention religion to me. That subject pisses me off more then imaginable.

Do Svidaniya, comrades.


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