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A random user who likes Internet Memes. He’s not your average user, though as he has weird tastes and different opinions than yours…
“If you feel like an idiot, it’s because you ARE an idiot”
Good Points: Appreciates his life, if you’re kind to him he’ll be kind to you too
Bad Points: Argues about everything, gets mad pretty easily
Likes: Memes (uh), Video Games, drawing stuff, eating, sleeping, doing nothing, staying at home, being with friends, watching TV, not much else
Dislikes: Going outside, being forced to do stuff (I know I’m lazy but still), getting cheated
Goals in Life: Nothing at all. Not dying, perhaps?
Favourite Game Genres: Platformers and Fighters.
Game Genres he Hates: FPSs, those games where you have to press random buttons and see what happens, GTA styled games (with GTA included)
Games Everybody Loves but he Hates: Super Smash Bros and Nintendo in general, Call of Duty and FPS shit in general (with a few exceptions), Minecraft and indie games in general (and yes, I’m being too general, generally speaking), Pokemon and GTA
Games Everybody Hates but he Likes: Sonic 3D Blast, Mega Man X7, Street Fighter: The Movie (both versions), broken games with funny glitches, games with good gameplay and bad story, and more
Favourite Cartoons and TV Shows: Dragon Ball (all of it), The Simpsons (first 16 seasons and the movie, it sucks today), El Chavo del 8, Regular Show, South Park, Spongebob (first 4 seasons and the movie, it sucks today), classic Cartoons (in general)
Mandatory Soundtrack Because Toast:

Feel free to talk with me, but don’t expect me to agree with your opinions.

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