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Hello everybody, i’m nyako. have some music I’m a lurker, slow poster, and a goofball. I also think up some weird thoughts, so be careful.

I don’t think Crashy would mind me doing things like this.

Tekken & Street Fighter
Some One Piece & Dragon Ball
Super Sentai/Power Rangers
Gurren Lagann

Orange is my favorite color.
I don’t like shipping wars.
Sources are meant to be shared, Not hidden.
Tagging images with a lot of characters in them is boring, but necessary
RP character species: Monferno.
Name: Sun Wuku.
Family: Mother (name: Solana Wuku. Whereabouts: Unknown. Although, she said something about “Seven Delphoxs” before disappearing.) and father (Smeargle: name unknown. Whereabouts: deceased.)
Nicknames: Nyako/Nya (Shuckle and the gang.) My sunshine (His mother.)
His most prized possession: Cat ears his mom gave him.
Moves: Flamethrower™
Power-Up Punch™
Dig (Egg Move)
Focus Blast (TM his dad gave him)
RP regular theme
RP battle theme
RP angry battle theme

I’m both on topic and off topic at the same time. Nyoro~

I wonder about dreams and other things like that.

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It’s not an actually translation to this comic. Here’s the original comic with a translation. (Link goes to Danbooru. Here’s the source while i’m at it.)

Sep 18, 2014 at 02:51AM EDT

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Hey Gabe? Can you please make your intro video stop auto playing? It gets irritating after a while.

Sep 14, 2014 at 07:08PM EDT

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