Onion Syrup


Location: Philippines

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Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Filipino
Aka: Tim

Internet dweller, fanfic writer, doodler, photoshop tinkerer, guitarist, pianist, gore spectator, archer, target shooting enthusiast, lockpicker, fitness nut, adept first-aider, butterfly knife wielder, adept kickboxer, gamer, lover, and most important of all, Brony. How ya doin

I’m a guy who’s easily pleased so I tend to upvote things easily.

Don’t suppose any of you would wanna play some tf2? Add me on steam my account’s name is “onionsyrup”!
Xbox gamer tag: Onion Syrup

My blog about random stuff

a doodle of me holding my knife, Mariposa (yes I named her. Yes it’s a her.) My Lovely Artist

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