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Dec 22, 2014 at 04:14PM EST

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Anonymous has become way to mainstream and is going full SJW. YourAnonNews (probably the most popular Anon twitter account) was unironically retweeting Anita at one point I believe.

Dec 18, 2014 at 06:54PM EST

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>The Escapist
ehh, do we really want people to trust the site with fucking MOVIEBOB on it?

Dec 16, 2014 at 05:37PM EST

Commented on 2014 Sydney Hostage Crisis

“2 dead hostages and all anyone can think about is omg don’t let anyone discriminate against the Muslims! Every news report starts with Australian Muslims fear backlash, Australians volunteer to ride with Muslims to show solidarity, how about some god damn solidarity for the two dead victims? Victims who wouldn’t be victims if not for the religion of hatred and death towards non-believers in the first place? No, no, that would be very unPC of us to discuss, carry on making excuses and apologizing for the “religion of peace”."

I repeat, #StopLisaLombardo2014

Dec 15, 2014 at 08:22PM EST

Commented on Bite the Pillow

It might be worth noting that it’s a reference to anal, with “going in dry” meaning without lube

Dec 15, 2014 at 08:21PM EST

Commented on 2014 Sydney Hostage Crisis

I do agree that the Eric Garner thing was bullshit, but some people would argue that selling the untaxed cigarettes makes him a criminal (not that I agree with them)

Dec 15, 2014 at 06:25PM EST

Commented on 2014 Sydney Hostage Crisis

“{ The number of Australians identifying themselves as Muslim rose from 281,600 in 2001 to 476,300 by 2011. }

Careful Australia, you don’t want to end up the next UK.

{ Hindus, Buddhists, South Asians, Africans--all kinds of people have come to the U.K. and the U.S. and had little trouble adapting to their new country. But Muslims are the first group to come as immigrants to the West determined to replace Western government and social structures with Islamic ones.

It is not because of “racism,” but because of this failure to assimilate that there is now “record support” for severe curbs on immigration in the U.K. But the British government is so deeply compromised that it has now allowed several Muslim Brotherhood leaders to settle in London, which they consider a “safe city” from which to launch their attempt to regain power in Egypt. }"


Dec 15, 2014 at 06:05PM EST

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