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Greetings, fellow Internet Users!

I am Pio-Pio, a modest KYM user, editor of quite few nerdy entries and the possessor of the ultimate might that are THE SCRAPBOOKER PRIVILEGES. I previously went on by my birth name, Piotr Nowowiejski, but another user, SmackerJack dubbed me Pio-Pio and I decided to adopt this moniker. Why?

1. Because no one ever figured it out as a proper nickname for me when it is pretty obvious. Not to mention it’s probably easier to pronounce for the English-speaking folk.

2. It is kinda like “Pew Pew” sounds, and I LOVE all things going “Pew Pew”, though not as much as “KABOOMs” or “ZAPPs”.

3. It’s similar to Dio, a villain from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. And that’s all kinds of awesome!


… Ekhm, I apologize, I couldn’t resist.

I’m many things. Tokusatsu geek, avid gamer, Transformer fan, anime lover, comic book reader, cartoon nut… and the list goes on and on. Wjile being in so many different fandoms, I learned that by understanding why people like/dislike things, you may avoid a lot of grief for others, as well as for yourself. That said, let’s at least try not to be assholes, ’kay?

Well, that’s about it for now. Hope I didn’t bore you too much. And remember: The only thing we have to fear are giant, man-eating spiders.


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