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Screw it, I liked my original bio best.
-Turned my CAPS lock into a 1337 lock! U jelly?
-Made my own gif avatar! U jelly?
But SRSLY… I am a new-ish member on KYM but will try to contribute whatever I can and get to know the regulars. Here’s to KYM being 20% cooler than 4chan! clink

Random followers FTW i guess? Moar friends for me!

I am one of the few people who has divided by 0! (along with Katie Starshine) see here.
So, I’m going to be a little less active from now on b/c I posted too much when I first joined… So um, yeah, that’s all I have to say. At this point I’m pretty much rambling on senselessly and uh, you should stop reading, seriously, because you are wasting your time. Not that you care, because you are still reading. Oh boy what do I say now… Uhhhhh… Did I ever tell you about the time I bought Minecraft? Because you should. Because it’s fun. And because the only good thing it’s missing is combustible lemons. Oh what’s that? You want my opinion on Portal 2? Well honestly I liked GLaDOS better in the first game, and I liked the song “Still Alive” more than “Want You Gone”. But I liked Cave Johnson and Wheatley! So anyway that’s my opinion. If you’re still reading, good for you, I guess. You wasted a few precious minutes of your life. But you know what? I’m glad you did. Because it warrants me spending 10 minutes thinking this up and typing it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I had one. Man, that saying doesn’t make any sense! Bad stuff is down, right? Like hell? So wouldn’t it be the top of your heart? Or is it like what you said is “deep”, as in the bottom… But, I guess whatever you say, it can’t be any more shallow and stupid than what people on Facebook say, uh, unless you’re on FB, in which case you’re the exception. Unless you’re not. Well, that’s the end of my Bio! So tune in ne-HHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGGG

I am currently on indefinite leave from KYM. If you want to talk to me for whatever reason, just post on my wall and I will probably respond, but I won’t be active in the forums (or even lurking there o.O)
Just thought you should know that. KTHXBAI

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