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Not much to type here, but I’ve had nothing here ever since I joined. I guess I’ll just jot down a quick list of important things for you:

1. I’m a brony, sue me.

2. My favorite pony is Applejack, with Fluttershy Pinkie Pie coming in at a close second.(I WOULD say Big Macintosh is my favorite, but he’s not really a “mane” pony.)

3. I think that the amount of Bronies that choose Rainbow Dash as their favorite pony is TOO DAMN HIGH!
Also, Derpy Hooves is extremly overrated and I tend to downvote her.

4. I live in Florida, on a ranch.

5. I own 5 miniature horses.

6. I’m a PC.

7. my Youtube name is “Ancel4” and My Steam name, along with everything else, is “Ancel3”.

8. I think that Fabio is just gay.

9. Before you ask, no, I have not:

Watched the Star Wars series
Done ANYTHING with Harry Potter
Listened to the Beetles, or any other band, really. Not into music.
Watched Star Trek I watch a small amount of Star Trek.
Played COD, WoW, HALO, or any other FPS that isn’t TF2.
Watched any classic plays. The closest that I’ve done is take my little brother to “Gnomeo and Juliet”

…I need to get out more.

10. I frequently work with DrumblastingQuilava to make pictures. He works on them, I just kinda make the story and then play Minecraft for about 3 hours until he’s done. Go check him out if you like me.

11. I do not support nor enjoy Pony Shipping. I’m fine with Humanizations, but I don’t particularly LIKE them. If you need my opinion on R34, get your head checked. Super-late correction, I am now a clopper. Sue me.

12. I’m a troll, but I know where to draw the line. I also prefer to counter-troll, argue, defend, whatever you wanna call it. Let me know if there’s a flame war you need backup in. =D

13. My motto is “Why buy it, when you can pirate?”

14. My favorite game is Minecraft, but I wouldn’t place it at $30. See #13 for more information. Lemmie know if you wanna play with me. (I get lonely. ;A;)

15. My favorite REAL game is Yoshi’s Island. It was the first game that I had.

16. My favorite show is Doctor Who. (Yea, it’s above ponies. I’m mostly in that for the fanbase.)

17. I have a “Doctor Whooves blog.”

18. Screw off, clxxxiv.

Oh, and I’m working on a project I call “Angry Ponies”. It’s based off of this:

…So, yea, I’ll keep updates here, but it may take a while. So far, I’ve got Twilight about 90% done, she just needs the tail. If you wanna try her out, give me feedback, then here:
Just go to your Angry Birds folder, then go to
I’m making this for the PC version of Angry Birds, if you send me the spritesheet from whatever version you use, then I’ll be glad to copy & paste as I go. _

Project canceled until further notice. Reason: I got bored.


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