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Saxaphone, weaponry, Rainbows, and the lack of care that the constant mention of ponys infront of the popular kids is social suicide
also im spreading bronyism in England

And then i put on a hat and drew fanart
Shit happens

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Commented on e60.jpg

Wait what?!?
this is.. just… this…

Aug 06, 2011 at 07:28AM EDT

Commented on ca8.png

Wait what? Cuthulushy? I dont get this
However it is still a sad fluttershy WHY?

Aug 02, 2011 at 09:06AM EDT

Commented on Minecraft

@freid butter
>implying teleportation is only to get near you faster not to get through impassable areas?

Aug 02, 2011 at 08:04AM EDT

Commented on Minecraft

Found out about endermen…
turned on minecraft
Fuck yeah try me on endermen!

Jul 31, 2011 at 01:18PM EDT

Commented on 1312044261070.jpg

@the anti cat
Did i say it was? or was i just pointing it out

Btw Wingboner

Jul 30, 2011 at 03:39PM EDT

Commented on raritycostumes.png


Do you have any idea how ugly those styles are i mean come ON! its rarity for peats sake!

Jul 30, 2011 at 03:13PM EDT

Commented on 1312044261070.jpg

This was only drawn for as a excuse to draw a scantly clad humanized fluttershy

Jul 30, 2011 at 03:08PM EDT

Commented on Brooks.jpg

And we think planking is a craze now
Wow it was the in thing then!

Jul 30, 2011 at 03:02PM EDT

Commented on 130763669349.jpg

Dammit Must Not Cry!… Nevermind… Sniff… Y u make me so very sad… I wuz Happy!… Crap im crying again

Jul 29, 2011 at 06:37PM EDT

Commented on 131181740107.jpg

@ Platus and Derpy
Dunking was a forn of trial (however it commonly killed them first) then they Hung them (if they wernet already dead)

Sorry for the nerdburst (OCD With historical correctness)

Jul 29, 2011 at 03:51PM EDT

Commented on 1b7.png

I have but one answer to finding this is my star sign

FU*K YEAH!!!!1!

Jul 28, 2011 at 08:41AM EDT

Commented on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

@Kalinos, Chameleon
yay. even warhammer cant escape the bronieism. shame its orks though; bloodey Xeno scum. if orks do appear, however, There will have to be the space mares in there somewhere ftw

Jul 19, 2011 at 04:47PM EDT

Commented on ILUFS.jpg

Why forever alone? They have fluttershy; No?

Jul 19, 2011 at 04:39PM EDT

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