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My steam is Mecha I tend to play TF2 alot as well as gmod, Farcry 3, rust, and warthunder

A Story i compiled

The story begins

when John Freeman
who was looking

for Hermann Fegelein

decided to eat
The fuckin’ end.

or is it?

For the ride

never ends, friend.

They wanted to
get off of

some nasty hos
that charged way

too much for

their home brew.

which looks disgusting

because it was

covered in feces

John Freeman said

tastes like crap

.Suddenly Freeman saw

the most dangerous

combine soldier with

his new fancy
diamond encrusted toilet
giant soda can
so he can

use the crowbar

For great justice…
judge Ed declared

for the PINGAS
and the POOTIS
. It is now
the time where
the last of
the ass bandits
were raiding some
of John Freeman’s
chocolate factories for
some money in
this thread again.
But we raised
the bar for
James Cameron to
dive even deeper

to find atlantis
. Why must we
find Alantis underwater
With french toast?

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