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I’m your local and (somewhat) friendly entry mod. I’m always willing to help with any problems, as long as it’s not a monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday or sunday. I’m also a bit of an expert on fandoms and animu, so I’ll definitely be able to help with those.

Bertholdt is love, Bertholdt is life. The love me and my Berty share is the kind reserved for fairy tales, yet it shared it’s magic with us. I would appreciate it if you did not judge our love.

Attack on Titan – Probably my main fandom at this point. I just fell in love with it when I watched it (and read it), and even if the anti-fandom is gaining popularity, I’ll still love it. And it has Bertholdt, so it’s immediately God-Tier.
Free! – What can I say? I’m not totally impervious to Manservice. Especially when it’s well told. And Makoto is in my top 3 best guys with Bertholdt and Tsumugu.
Kill La Kill – There seems to be this misunderstanding that I don’t like this show, which is not true. I freaking love it. Oh, and Tsumugu is best character. Not exactly Bertholdt, but he’s pretty damn awesome as well.
Durarara – I don’t care what anyone says, this show is amazing. It’s definitely my favorite anime ever
Ace Attorney – As well as being an anime fan, I’m also a gamer, and this series is by far my favorite.
Fire Emblem – My second favorite game series. A great strategy series with engaging stories and shipping
The Legend of Zelda – My third favorite game series. You really can’t get any better than Zelda.
Pokemon – A game series I’ve always held close to my heart. I controversially prefer Gen 4 and I don’t care if you get angry over that.

-Tonari no-Seki Kun
-The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviour
-Mushishi season 2
-One Week Friends
-Ping Pong The Animation
-Captain Earth
-Baby Steps
-Soul Eater Not
-The World is Still Beautiful
-Mekakucity Actors

Humanity has Declined is so crazy, I love it. It’s so cute in appearance, but really cynical when you get down to it. It’s really good.

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Commented on Titanfall

While yes, I agree this game may spawn itself a nice little fandom at some point, this is waaaay too ahead of that point. I would’ve waited a bit personally, but I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point

Mar 22, 2014 at 02:28PM EDT

Commented on Brad's wall

Huh, that’s odd. I’m not sure what to say then, but it may still be an inconvenience for those who do get the autoplay. On a completely different note, can I ask why you tagged Attack on Titan, Squid Girl and Azumanga Daioh as Shonen Jump? To my knowledge, none of the three circulated in the magazine, or even any of it’s sister magazines.

Mar 20, 2014 at 05:11PM EDT

Commented on Twitch Plays Pokemon

WAIT WHAT? Friday has just become the best day ever. Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald on the anniversary of my favorite spin-off game (And subsequent joint third favorite game ever alongside XD: Gale of Darkness)

Mar 19, 2014 at 06:53PM EDT

Commented on Brad's wall

I think that one of the videos on the McConnelling page autoplays as well (again, for me at least. Can you fix this?

Mar 19, 2014 at 03:52PM EDT

Commented on Islam

I feel the same about a lot of entries, including the Christianity one. Religion isn’t exactly a internet subculture, it’s more of an IRL one which happens to be on the internet too. We aren’t here to document IRL memes.

Mar 16, 2014 at 04:21PM EDT

Commented on Islam

There are a lot of things on the internet, doesn’t mean we need to make subculture entries for them. Entries for categorization are really really unnecessary, entries are reserved for things with memetic spread.

Mar 16, 2014 at 02:36PM EDT

Commented on This hurts to read

I like, don’t really agree like, I know he’s like young, but like, he should still like have common sense like, I mean like, even I, who’s like younger than him like has the like sense to like realize that like what he’s like doing is like stupid. When you’re like young, you like, have a lot of like pressure on you, but like, he should like be able to like overcome it without like having a meltdown. If he was, like, as great as his fans like make him out to be, then he should like have the like strength to overcome it and like be a like rolemodel for them. Like really.

Mar 15, 2014 at 01:18PM EDT

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