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Mar 12, 2010 at 01:23PM EST

Commented on Epic Beard Man

It’s a shame that more people haven’t latched on to the fact that EBM is a veteran who has been cast away, and needs help. He went to Vietnam, and whatever he saw/heard/did while he was there followed him home, and apparently has spiraled out of control over the years.
Was he right? No. Was he justified in his fisticuffs? Absolutely. How can you be sure? Here’s how- he fought “just enough” to end the fight. Once his opponent was on the ground, covering his face in a plea for mercy, mercy was granted, and EBM left the bus.
Please, think BEYOND the video, and consider what YOU might be able to do to be certain that years from now, we do not have EBM’s all over. Veterans’ re-assimilation to society, and de-programming of the War Mentality has historically been insufficient. There are LOTS of Vietnam-era EBMs out there, and unless we work to be certain that we help those coming home NOW, there will be lots more EBMs in the future. REMEMBERaVET.net
P.S.: I was especially intrigued how the lady shooting the video, as well as the guy who requested the ambulance had a COMPLETELY different demeanor post-facto, yet EBMs demeanor is consistent.

Mar 12, 2010 at 01:20PM EST

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