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I’ve been lurking around KYM for about three/four years prior to making an account (casually, if that means anything) so I know what’s allowed and not allowed. I may eventually, however, slip up and say something terrible (nothing racist or anything, just something stupid); and for that I want to apologise in advance.

Other than that, I used to be a brony but lost major interest after (but not because) Discord got reformed or whatever; I come back to it every now and again; ponies are good and all, but the fandom can be a bit too much for me.

I play Nintendo stuff quite a bit; Animal Crossing and Metroid mostly (and I’m aiming to get SSB for the 3DS when it comes out). I get a bit tired of games where the objective involves killing things, but I still like playing Shooters and RPGs at times.
I also read Marvel comics (a clichéd ‘fuck Cyclops’ echoes in the distance).

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