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(Special thanks to DJKing for this)

Why hello there, [Insert your name here] ! Welcome to my profile page.
My name is Sam, but the guys on the chat may know me as Samekichi.
I’m currently taking a degree in visual communications in hopes of becoming a professional animator.
1. Anime. Favorite is FMA, Kill la Kill, and JoJo.
2. Manga. Favorite is Bakuman and Chrno Crusade.
3. Cartoons. Favorite is Samurai Jack and Avatar Aang.
3. Video Games. Favorite is TES, Total War, and Age of Empires
4. Novels. Favorite is Paper Towns and The Catcher in The Rye
5. Masks. They’re awesome~!!
6. Sketching, like this :

Feel free to request me in this thread
Your waifu.

Credit goes to this guy

Credits goes to Kouhai for these sketches.

Credit goes to Ann Hiro for this drawing.

Credit goes to Muumi for this sketch.

Credit goes to No One for these drawings.

Credit goes to DJKing for this sketch.

Credit goes to Natsuru Springfiled for this sketch.

Credit goes to Deltamelon for this sketch.

Credit goes to Ægis for this drawing.

Credit goes to MedleyManiac for this GIF.
I really appreciate you guys for making this. I love them :D
Expectation :

Reality :

If you are interested, let’s be friends and travel the internet world together on KYM!

Websites :
My Deviantart Account
My Steam Page
My Tumblr
My 9GAG account

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